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Thursday, 31 March 2011

Doppelganger - another great publication by Gestalten

In this new Gestalten publication, called DOPPELGANGER, edited by R. Klanten, S. Ehmann & F. Schulze we get an overview of the current trends in how the visual identity of the human being is captured in fashion, art, books, marketing, advertising.

Over 7 chapters this subject us approached by themes as : Embody, Dissolve, Appeal, Reshape, Perform, Deform, and Escape.

Or how we observer and capture the entity of a human after virtual or real it is portrayed in an arty, funny or even cruel way.

In this book you can find images by -among may others- Madame Peripetie, who brings us pictures of the human being in a strange-hiding-in-a-overdressing-way.

Check it out!

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