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Monday, 19 September 2011

GALA BENT : the silence / the entropy / the paintings

Gala Bent's (Seattle) paintings just grabbed me, bit me and gotten under my skin. A chaotic whirlwind passes by in the utter silence of solitude, like you're watching it pass by behind a double layered acoustic window. 

Her imagery makes me think back of an Alice in Wonderland-inspired and kinda not very child-friendly fairytale about a girl called Rebecca I once read as a child.

The color block in geometrical patters, an architectural inspiration she likes to blend into her work, contrasts but merges at the same time into a neo-natural organism. You see beauty in soft tones, you see solitude in others. A still life you can imagine to breakthrough and come out of the painting...softly creeping. a m a z i n g l y i n s p i r i n g
all pictures/paintings courtesy of GALA BENT

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