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Monday, 12 December 2011

Met Before and the new album Something by Chairlift

After a long periode of radiosilence, one of my favourite poptronic bands is back!
Chairlift got everyone's attention (even if you didn't know them) with their heartwarming song "Bruises" that was used for an Apple commercial.

Very curious of what other sounds they had to unleash onto the world I went to see them in concert and I must say it was amazing. Intimate but with a blast. The gorgeous looking and sounding Caroline Polachek had an on-stage love/hate-thing going on with the bass player which resulted in some thrilling heat and passion in their music (see pic of AB concert 2009).

But after touring and some guest-appearances for Miss Polachek it became a bit quiet and the band went from a trio to a duo which changed apparently also a bit the style on their new album.
Something I didn't noticed at all when they launched the uber-funny video for the feel-good-dance-song-with-the-unpronounceable-name Amanaemonesia. For me this was 100% Chairlift : fun but touching, soft but danceable.

So after this warm-up they are about to release their second album : Something.
The first single "met before" sounds almost 70s inspired with a dash of rock and full of musical effects...a bit spacey even. And also Sidewalk Safari, the opening track of the new album is  bombastical psychedellica all over. A style only a band as Chairlift can get away with as the best.

So I'm looking forward to see them again in concert (album launch is scheduled for 24 January)

see the karaoke-dance-video for Amanaemonesia


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