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Tuesday, 26 July 2011


Ab-original psychedelia in Michel Gondry's new video for Björk's single Crystalline.
Bright lines are drawn on a far away planet, while lasers and crystals project images
of the singing volcano girl!


Thanks to the recently released remastered demo-collection RESSURECTION, the original version of this song - once long ago featured on Virgo Four's 4-track tapes somewhere between 1984-1990 - brought with it some housy remixes like this on by the great Caribou.

Hé Madameke ! the beauty in the beasts - jewellery

From Belgium, this great animal-jewellery kingdom by Marie Adelyne, caught my eye! Hé Madameke! Fun, dark, but in a fairytale kinda-way!

Check out the blindfolded fox (Megan Fox), a bow-tied cat, a deer (oh la bitch) or even an innocent lamb!

If you want to buy them, go to the blog of Hé Madameke

and for some fitting background music the great VILLA remix for Das Pop's The Game!

   Das Pop - The Game (VillA Remix) [EMI] by alchemyremixmanagement

La Poupée Corolle interpretée par Sandrina Fasoli




Saturday, 23 July 2011

long way to alaska



spanish indie

backbackback ::: death in vegas ft. Katie Stelmanis ::: your loft

After 7 years of almost-silence, Death in Vegas is back and how!
This first single of forthcoming album "trans-love energies"
is called "your loft" and features the voice and presence of Katie Stelmanis of Austra,
who gives this song a haunting-epicness!

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

who do you love ::: museum of bellas artes :::

Swedish mellow-tronica band Museum of Bellas Artes makes you dose off into a psychedelic fairytale full of goldilocks and horses. The vintage imagery they use gives it an almost 3D effect...a bit like the nightclub colors of their video for Watch the Glow!
Released by Force-Majeure

Monday, 18 July 2011

NO GOOD - Ifan Dafydd - Blake or not - NO GOOD guessing, just enjoying!

the mysterious producer Ifan Dafydd is haunting everyone with him maybe being the new alter ego of James Blake. Nevertheless enjoy this trippy-jazzy-winehouse-gem that will slip and slide into your ears as some warm brandy onto your tongue...

we'll miss you Amy!

and some other work

Good50x70 2011 - social communication poster competition! - creating the first social stock imagery website ever!

Good50x70 2011, the social communication project and your favorite social poster competition, has opened its 5th edition.

This year the competition announced an open brief: participants can decide which issue /issues they want to promote with their designs.

The main aim of Good50x70 is to collect suitable works for a larger number of social issues in order to open the first social stock imagery website, the first such archive ever created.

The 100 winners selected by the jury will have their work displayed in a traveling public exhibition and published on the Good50x70 2011 catalogue.

Deadline for submissions is November 10, 2011.

more on 


Saturday, 16 July 2011



Sandrina Fasoli - special Sales - on knitwear and accessories - at their flagshipstore

for lookbook and collections and some more of the mellow-summer-atmosphere of Sandrina Fasoli,

check out the new CHAIRLIFT song Amanaemonesia and a walk-though album-teaser!!!

Chailift, the band of Caroline Polachek -known from their amazing BRUISES -song I ♡ so much- is back with an almost unpronounceable song called Amanaimonesia, with brings us a rich sound and a wicked rhythm. Good to hear from them again!

Also check out the walk-through video for their upcoming album!

Thursday, 14 July 2011

fair warning (oliver remix) by pengiun prison /// neon popglitzz

Our favo remix-pop-man Penguin Prison just released the official video for his neon-pop-anthem 
Fair Warning.

To boost it even more, here's the Oliver remix...makes me think back of those glitzy-party years!

best served under neon!

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

this is the part we know ... the ideal summer-noir compilation feat. Austra, Metronomy, Grimes, New Look, Nico,...

summer slides by sun on clouds and back again...
it think this would be my ideal summer-noir compilation.
Because summer -as life- is not always as sweat as a pina colada...

the ballad . new look
in the water . beat connection
jamie (weezer cover) . total warr
dream world . majical cloudz
suspended in gaffa (kate bush cover) . chrome canyon
keep you . class actress
sex and candy (marcy playground cover) . la chansons
she wants . metronomy
vanessa . grimes
never be the same . little majorette
crying (roy orbison cover) . austra
these days . nico

go to the facebook page of The Deer Du Bois Blog
> like it
> leave a comment
> and if you like
> get a teaser of the compilation packaging starring Boosterd!

saatchi & saatchi made this great bitin' and boostin' packaging for Booster Energy Drink, 
starring the mean-looking but kinda-cute Boosterd!

You can see the cans in his open mouth and you can cut out Boosterd and put/glue/take him where ever you like!!

thanks to

fashion vs bootleg - down in mexico - the coasters vs posso

The Coasters didn't even scored a hit when this song came out in the 50s, but got quite big after Young Blood. And of course, thanks to Taratino's Death Proof, you must have heard this song during Rose McGowan's breathtaking but in the end fatal saloon lap-dance.

Now fashion-bff Marylouise Pels and Vanessa Giovacchini bring this tune to the next level with their remix. Besides music these girls are everywhere to found in design+art+fashion+collaborations!

   REMIXES by Posso

Monday, 11 July 2011

song of the *summer* day - air drops' champion chariot

a mysterious young electronic-chill-wave-producer * air drops * brings us this uplifting song on which you can easily imagine yourself on a pearly beach. h o l i d a y !

Sunday, 10 July 2011

playfully natural and creatively fun - the swedish jewellery by MINT.

Mr. Deer just got back from another great fashion/trademission to the ever spectacular BREAD & BUTTER SUPER trade SHOW in Berlin. 3 days of wondering around and discovering new brands and the latest styles for next season(s).

And in between the big shots like Adidas, Diesel, Levi's it's always great to discover smaller emerging brands in clothing and accessories. This year in January my eye already fell on the Swedish jewelery brand MINT. And this year, thanks to a nice visit from one of Mint's enthusiastic collaborators I got even deeper into the brand.

From the tree, where the charms, necklaces, bracelets,... are displayed in, to the playful and Scandinavian-nature-goes-creatively-cool graphics on the packaging the Mint-brand gets your attention immediately and makes you smile. 
Tiny golden hearts and love-trinkets create a vintage atmosphere that make you think back of some of your childhood 's greatest memories... like falling in love for the first time! Thanks to these little cherish-able objects you can now take these thoughts everywhere with you.

And what I like so much about Scandinavian design is that, besides love, nature and animals are also always present. The same here, you can find an octopus, some  elephants and of course -my favourite- a Mr. Deer!!!

Check out their colorful website, an experience that reads as a mood-board full of drawings and pictures that reflect the soul of the brand : creating charming objects that help you create your own unique style and image. Through fun and happiness, bright colors and materials, to be found in every design of the collection, your creativity and imagination will emerge and take you on a fantastic voyage full of wondering owls, smiling cats and rainbow-colord rain drops.

You can shop for this happiness at their online shop or go and try them out in a wide range of stand-out shops around Europe! Check it out and follow their latest new on the new Mint blog!

and p.s.: I luv their packaging ; )

Hoofs up from Mr. Deer!

thanks to tiffany drennow I artwork courtesy by mint I pictures by deer du bois