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Saturday, 16 March 2013

Love and Radiation - You will know me - haunting dance pop from deep in the woods

Modern day fairytales are not gone yet...because when i discovered this Chicago based duo Love and Radiation, their bio made me think of one... because Adele Nicholas and Lakshmi Ramgopal walk among us as a civil rights lawyer and a doctoral student by day, but when the sun disappears under the horizon they get rid of their daytime disguises and they become an almost haunting electronic synthpop duo.

After releasing the singles Ganymede and Three Kingdoms, they will launch their full-debut album You Will Know Me on April 9th.

With the recent return of the dreamy dark-wave pop with bands like Austra and Purity Ring, Adele and Lakshmi also go for a haunting sound and atmosphere in their songs but without becoming to arty or witch-y. It gets dark in their songs but never without the notion that their will be light again! They talk about the transition and confrontation of power and weakness, the natural wilderness versus the artificial one of the city... of love and of the heart.

Listening deeper into the songs you'll notice how they use quite a simple beatbox in the background to combine their echoing voices with original sound effects and glitches to make it all also very danceable. It's not all about ritual chanting, but also dancing into the moonlight deep into the woods.
As a forest critter myself i became very fond of their colorful and forest-inspired artwork that was designed by Mary Roberts (artist and wife of Stars & Letters founder Mark Roberts).

You Will Know Me is an album floating on the multiple layers of  strong lyrics, synthbeats and the switching from a more obscure meditative atmosphere to a lighter poppy dance vibe. 

The only thing i could say that could make the songs a bit stronger is maybe to go for a more present darkness in one song and then in another one drawing more the card of the beats that could give it that extra bit of danceable-ness.  In some songs you sometime feel that the one softens a bit the other. 

But nevertheless, with their debut album, Adele and Lakshmi managed to keep a good unity in between the songs, the lyrics and even the artwork. A consistent image will reveal itself in front of your eyes and ears.  

You'll listen to this album as it was one story in which you can feel the seasons pass by...starting with the opening track Winter.  

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