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Wednesday, 4 September 2013



Outrage!, Rainbowhouse Brussels and çavaria are organising a solidarity action in front of the Russian Embassy in Brussels. The 'Kiss In - To Russia With Love' will take place on September 8 to support the victims of Russian President Putin's policy of oppression.

Currently in Russia, every criticism, every dissident voice, be it political or social, is met with active suppression. The Russian government leaves no doubt that they no longer wish to respect national and international agreements to protect the human rights of all its citizens.

In 2012 and 2013, several oppressing laws have been implemented, such as the law against blasphemy (which penalises criticism of religious leaders and dogmas), the foreign agent act (which targets NGOs with foreign connections) and the law banning so-called "propaganda of non-traditional sexual relations" (which aims to make gay and lesbian relationships invisible).

"Putin promotes himself as being the defender of traditional Russian values and therefore suppresses any critical note on those values. Journalists, lawyers and human rights activists can no longer effectively fulfill their duties. The anti-propaganda law promotes intolerance towards LGBTs and their supporters", says Jeroen Borghs, spokesperson for çavaria.

"The anti-propaganda law has as an immediate effect that youngsters no longer have access to correct information about sexuality", the Rainbowhouse Brussels states. "Moreover, it limits the right to freedom of speech, since anyone who talks or writes about LGBT issues can be subjected to criminal lawsuit."

"With this 'Kiss In - To Russia With Love', we wish to convey the message to the Russian victims of oppression that we will take advantage of any opportunity to confront their government with their responsibility to protects its citizens against violence and discrimination", explains Björn Pius from Outrage!. "We will therefore contact Belgian government entities and other organisations, such as the Belgian Olympic Committee, in order to further this goal", Pius continues.


- short speech
- 1 minute kiss
- interventions from two Russian representatives
- Concert: LaDiva Live
- second kiss
- colored ribbons on the fence (ribbons will be provided)

more info on the Brussels event : HERE

And some additional music for while we are all kissing, provided by Deer du Bois :

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